Full time or part time the choice is yours.


Our massage programs are designed to teach our students the skills that clients want and employers expect.  Massage technique is learned in our hands-on classes and mastered in our student clinic.  As you learn the anatomy, pathology, clinical modalities, and self-care that is essential to a long and profitable career in massage, we are focused on your individual growth as a healthcare professional.

Programs Offered

  1.   Massage Therapist Program

    Become a certified massage therapist with 640 hours of training.           

    This program offers basic training in clinical massage and    

    preparation for the National Certification exams and State


  1. Advanced Massage Therapist Program

   Our 1000 hour program provides you with everything you need to

    open your own business or focus on clinical medical massage.     

    This certification is completed with 360 additional hours of training

    beyond the massage therapist program. Usually these hours are

    completed by working therapists in a weekend workshop


  1. Continuing Education

    Already a practicing therapist?  come and take one or a bundle

    of courses to meet the requirements for state licensure and to

    add new techniques to your therapist’s toolbox.

  1. Community Workshops   

   Classes designed for non massage therapist to learn what we do.  Bring your family or friends to the school for a workshop on basic family massage, athlete massage, or infant massage.